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"Nobody knows I'm a dog!"

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Heath Ledger

On the very day of the Oscar nominations being announced for 2007, the Australian actor Heath Ledger was found dead in a Manhattan apartment. Born in Perth, in Western Australia, Heathcliff Andrew Ledger would have been 29 this April 4th. First reports of his death mentioned drugs in evidence, but no one really knows enough yet to say anything except how great the loss is. Ever since he played Mel Gibson's son in The Patriot (2000), it was apparent that his striking handsomeness went hand-in-hand with high ambitions as an actor, courage in the roles he took and a fierce intelligence. He is likely now to be known forever for his cowboy, Ennis, in Brokeback Mountain, and it is possible with this early death that that story will be used to "explain" the man he was. So let us not forget that Ennis and Brokeback Mountain were brave choices for any actor, or that Ledger carried them off with commitment and true feeling.

For continuing articles on Heath Ledger -- The New York Times


Zombies on Parade

Dan Shearer in Donald L. Brooks's "Zombies on Parade" a chamber musical, Halloween, 2007 -- Theater for the New City, NY NY

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Pink Links

Pink Narcissus (1971) recording added replacing same song"I've Grown So Lonesome Thinking of You" (3-minute continguous sequence)

Silent chronological collage of Pink Narcissus

Hot chip (I became a volunteer) Pink Narcissus -- by Jay
(Edited footage with sound track not of the film -- Allertonoff)

Siobhan Fahey “Hot Room” -- performed at Cock Live, London, Oct. 2004. This is the live visual mix by Ladypat, contains visual samples from the gay erotic classic “Pink Narcissus”.

Donald L. Brooks as Angel by James Bidgood, from the film "PInk Narcissus"
Sean Fredric Edgecomb in Bright Lights Film Journal, May 2006 interviewing Jim Bidgood:
How did you find all of the different boys that were featured in Pink Narcissus?
Bidgood: Well, there was a fellow that I know by the name of Don Brooks, who is in the movie, actually he was the Angel … We’d be working there on the set and stuff, Don would go out, sometimes at one or two in the morning, and sometimes would not be seen (I think he went home and took a nap) because he was gone for hours, but he would go out on a “talent search.” It was the day of the flower children, you know, and he would bring back sometimes a very large group of people they found on the street. One guy, one night a gun fell out of his pants on the floor. I mean they could have killed us all. And my God, they were straight, half of them had never done anything like [that] … and they did it, they marched through it. Those were the days. I don’t want to be one of those “those were the days” [people], but that was a very unique space and time … The ’60s and ’70s were really an amazing time.

"Pink Narcissus" -- Donald L. Brooks

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A depiction of the angel of death. Painted in 1881 by
Evelyn De Morgan, née Pickering (1855-1919).

Mobador had lived his whole life in hopes of reconciliation with his family. One by one, they passed away, those that were left no longer spoke to him and when they did it was of the past and the things they could only remember a half century ago. None of them knew who he was anymore. No one kept in touch and no one much cared. He could hear the sweeping sound of the scythe, and knew the Angel of Death had waited long enough. And now it was time...

He felt the lilt of the ocean as it lapped at his feet in the dead of winter, its icy and embittered waters stung sharply as he walked into infinity, and there was a great cry as he was swept away like the wheat of the field.

Azrael had swung his scythe.

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Pitt Quits!

Brad Pitt: No More Nude Scenes

Hollywood heartthrob Brad Pitt brought some sad news to his fans Thursday, saying he no longer will take off his clothes on screen because he doesn't want to embarrass his children.

The actor said he would only make movies his family could watch, "I don't want to be embarrassed when my kids get old enough to see my films. I can't see any more nude scenes."

Brad, 43, was first seen naked in Thelma and Louise in 1991. There were glimpses of him naked in Fight Club (1999), he bared his buttocks in Troy in 2004 and there were the sex scenes with Angelina in Mr and Mrs Smith in 2005.

The star also admitted he did not think he would act much longer, The Sun reports. Brad — who co-produced his new film The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford — said: "I figure I've got very few films left.

"Who knows how many I'll get to do now, so I want to do something I'm interested in.

"Otherwise I don't want to bother.

"I think it's a younger person's game."

Brad Pitt Naked
Brad Pitt Nude

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is it possible for
One to
without Love
until one
has loved

Illustration: Eros and Psyche