Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Flower Power

Robert Patrick published today Bob Woof's question about the performance of "Hair" in Central Park in New York City this summer: "During Claude's 'war' hallucination scene in Act II... there is a moment that recreates the putting a flower in the rifle of a soldier that you've sent pictures of when one of the Harris clan actually did it in the sixties. Did HAIR always include a version of this moment?"

WALTER HARRIS responded: :The 'flower power' tableaux was not a scene in the original B'way HAIR --but I'm glad my brother's spontaneous, iconic act is getting additional exposure in The Big Apple in this election year. It's appropriate for HAIR to include it and inspire a younger generation of Tribe members (and voters). Love to all, Walter Michael Harris, brother of George Harris, III, aka Hibiscus -- photo by Bernie Boston."


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