Tuesday, February 17, 2009


What do you want with us here. What good have you ever done in your life. You’ve accomplished nothing except to make me want to live long enough to see you with nothing, and that is what you come to us with now -- nothing. Everything you’ve done in life was in the name of cruel vanity -- you’ve nothing to show for your life, nothing. Earthly goods are but empty vessels waiting for a spirit and you have no spirit. You’ve become like the objects with which you have surrounded yourself. Cold, hard and lifeless. You come here to see what you left behind -- did you suppose that it would still be here? Well, look, yes, it is still here, but an empty ship waiting for the captain who abandoned it on the reef of hopeless loneliness. Did you think we would stay the same, waiting for your return -- the prodigal son has returned to find nothing but graveyards in which to kneel and beg forgiveness -- and how can the dead forgive?

How could you have walked away and never returned but til today -- to return as someone no one knows. Where is the boy? Where is he and what have you done with him? Fifty years ago, fifty, and you expect anyone to remember you? Of course we remember -- we remember the heartbreak and the sorrow you caused us all. Not that we were a happy family, but you sealed our doom -- we became the least of all about us. And where were you? Off to the seashore lying in the sun with your fancy friends and their expensive toys -- you were nothing more to them than a white trash whore. You knew it and you let it happen -- and now you return here as though you had accomplished something in life. You’ve accomplished nothing. You are a failure. All you have is pretty pictures of yourself to paint, distortions of reality -- lies and deceptions.

God help you on your deathbed and I hope you have a long and painful one -- I hope you don’t just quickly die and never be found -- I hope you die slowly while others look on like vultures awaiting carrion -- half cadaver and half croaking ogre that you are! No one wants you here! Turn and go! Leave us to our peace you’ve shattered that it may heal and forget again that you exist! It saddens me too much to look upon you -- failure that you are! I am sickened by the sight of you, as are we all! None of us wish you be here -- be gone! Go!

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