Tuesday, October 27, 2009

When Friendships Go Bad...

October 26, 2009 - Monday

What Did I DO Holy Shit

The lady's remarks: stephanie" (10:31:14 PM): Omg .. W.e then no we don't your right sorry I care to much stop living in your own fuckin world and grow the fuck up already stop being such a baby and learn how to be mature about stufffffffff . You wasn't tryna fal back when we was talking last night & its not about fuckin falling back or not its the fact that we should be friendsss but w.e man seriously .... I tried & yu still scaredddd of even that . Face your fears deadassss . "stephanie" (10:31:19 PM): Pz

The gentleman's reply: Remember what u said next time u hit me up to chill or say hi cuz i aint never gonna forget--Who said i was scared who said i had fears i just dont wanan deal with bullshit its simple im tryna move on with my life and u becoming an obstucle break that shit down fuck what we had fuck what was said fuck that poem u wrote for me fuck what i wrote--- u mad cuz u cant have what u want and thats me to be in ya life- u have to grow up ok i dont wanna be ya friend omg my life is gonna end nah u grow up and say fuck it and move the fuck on ---- Damn i wasnt the first one to say im feeling you that complicated the whole situation anywayz?!?? sure as fuck wasnt me i tried to keep my cool bout this but yea im done im fed up u cant handle shit when it comes to me- i aint even talking shit im speaking the truth u loooooovvvve to speak ya mind im speaking mine so just like i had to just sit there and take and move on you do the same muthafckin thing Steph

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