Monday, September 27, 2010

I Wait


I Wait

I wait. You are gone, yet you are yet in my heart and I love you. 
I wait for that time that you return for a forgotten hair from the barren floor having fled to the next station on the rail of life.  Oh, it isn’t that far from here.  I wait, that that train may return not reaching its destination.  I wait, its tracks disappear upon the horizon, its crossings a step in time upon a journey into nowhere. 

I wait, there is no schedule, there is no wail of the distant locomotive.  I wait, it shrieks in my mind even from afar, yet so close it shatters the lifeless mementos, now so cherished, left to torment a hope that is dead. 
 I wait, haplessly hoping fortune smiles upon you and still I wait.  I wait.  Do not return, bruised and broken, crying once again upon my bloodied shoulder, crying once again the words you cried before...
 “I just want to be loved!” 
Do you feel it, did you feel it?  Does the silent love of one abandoned for another reach the soul of the unforgotten?  Unknown to know, there is no light or sound upon the rail, there is but the rail itself as I listen for a single sound pressing my ear upon the  ground. 
I wait.
~ Donald L. Brooks

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